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Welcome to Friends of Washington Island Airport


“Friends” are excited to see that The Washington Island EAA Chapter 982 is holding a Young Eagles Rally and Airport Open house with lunch and after the flying.
Click here for more Information & Registration

Click here to Register for Lunch Only and Airport Open House



Response to letter sent to the Observer
from Margaret Foss and group
printed in the October 12/25, 2023


Making sure 2P2 is safe and available
for generations to come. Facts on
Safety and Improvement


Save the Date
The first ever Washington Islands
EAA Chapter 982 Young Eagles Flights.
Scheduled for August 3rd with a rain date of August 4.
More information soon.


Airport locationWelcome to the Friends Of Washington Island Airport Website! We are glad you're here!

We are excited to promote a true treasure owned by the Town of Washington; Washington Island Airport (2P2 aviation identifier).

Over the years, the airport has gone from a private strip owned by stock holders into the airport we use today and owned by the Town of Washington. There is much rich history involved with the families who have lived on the Island for generations. Take a peek at some of the early stock holders and you'll see what I mean.

The Washington Island Airport, 2P2, is a jewel that the entire community should be proud of. Airports are a good lifeline and an economic engine for a community and we will try to convince you of this throughout this site.

We plan to interview some of the pilots who live on the island, visiting pilots and others that utilize the Washington Island Airport now or in the past. We will put these interviews up on the site for your listening pleasure. We hope these interviews will give you an understanding of the people who fly in and out of the Airport. Many of these folks have years of experience and a good tale or two to tell.

We hope over time, as we develop this website, to provide commentary from the community and users of the Washington Island Airport. Any comments and suggestions to incorporate into the site are encouraged and welcomed. Please email them to:

We look to your generosity to donate to assist in covering the cost of the website. Our plan is to donate any proceeds over the cost of the site to the town’s aviation fund and/or an aviation scholarship to a local resident. We now have 501c3 non-profit status so your donations are tax deductible.

If you have a chance, get to know the people that fly in this community. I'm sure any one of them would gladly give you a quick ride above the Island so you can see firsthand the beauty of Washington Island from the air!

Friends of Washington Island Airport

* Many items that are posted on this website are courtesy of the Washington Island Historical Archives.  We thank them for making these items available.



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